Change your brand’s footprint.

Our goal is to enable footwear brands to reduce your environmental footprint, while continuing to innovate and provide performance-driven goods at competitive price points.

Every day we’re working with nature to find creative solutions that preserve our planet’s most precious resources, without compromising on performance and quality.


Through Bloom’s Eco-Facts certification process, you and your customer can know the direct impact your product has made on the environment.

The Eco-Facts presented above represent an estimate based on a product weighing 200 grams.


Although Bloom is famous for its high-performance algae-based foam, this is only the first of many products we’re preparing to offer our brand partners. Bloom’s goal is to implement a sustainable alternative for every component of modern footwear, enabling you to Tread Well.

Learn more about our innovative eco-products below and make a material change today.

Formerly known as Bloom Foam, Rise is your environmentally-conscious, high-performance replacement for traditional petroleum-based EVAs.

Meet Stride – Bloom’s latest material innovation, providing the performance you expect from traditional TPR materials, now with positive environmental impacts.

Bloom Stride