Human activities are polluting the air and threatening freshwater ecosystems around the world. We believe in forming symbiotic relationships with nature that create renewable resources while also revitalizing and maintaining healthy ecosystems.

Help us generate clean air and clean water through the power of new materials and the partnership of the footwear industry. Together we can transform shoes and the environment for the better.


Clean Water.

The rise in global temperatures, excess nutrient runoff, and human activities have lead to harmful effects like massive algal blooms in ecosystems around the world. Water pollution is an invisible problem made visible by rampant algae growth.

At Bloom, we’re determined to reverse the effects of water pollution by working with natural resources like algae to create sustainable materials, generate clean water, and maintain healthy ecosystems.

Clean Air.

Large-scale agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, the meat industry, and other human activities have contributed to a detrimental rise of CO2 levels in our atmosphere.

Bloom utilizes the power of natural resources like algae to collect and sequester CO2, sealing it up in useful products, while displacing the use of harmful products and materials that could further contribute to the problem.

Tread Well.

In the U.S. alone, the average person buys up to 5 pairs of shoes every year, fueling a global shoe industry that produces nearly 30 billion pairs of shoes every year.

That’s why we partner with shoe brands all over the world to implement sustainable materials on a large scale, helping the footwear industry Tread Well as we work to regenerate and maintain healthy ecosystems.

Are your shoes Bloom certified?

Our clean air + clean water certification process empowers you to Tread Well with confidence, knowing the materials in your shoes actively helped clean and maintain the environment.




We are a part of a global movement to seek out better solutions and new materials in order to change the future for the better. We believe we can make it happen by working together, learning from others’ journeys, and sharing our discoveries around the world.